NEWS: 📰🙂Lighter •  More Uplifting News Coverage (☝🏼BUT READ The FINE Print!) cover image

NEWS: 📰🙂Lighter • More Uplifting News Coverage (☝🏼BUT READ The FINE Print!)

A magazine to read, share and reference to discuss today's news with mature children, as well as with adults - of course! Coverage includes important as well as lighter issues. Most news is covered — So, what's different? Primary distinction is no gore! While there is coverage, there won't be an intense focus upon a given articles related to events such as tragedy and war. Articles will be chosen which are more informative, rather than descriptive. Ensuring you are kept well informed, as well as entertained from time to time, this news magazine is one intended to provoke far less anxiety and anguish than many are experiencing from reading most comprehensive news magazines or papers. Please Note: This isn't called "GOOD NEWS", though it is a magazine where positive and uplifting stories are posted as well. You will find an effort to ensure you remain informed about world events, though without a barrage of info on most-anything not fully 'positive'. There are important stories included which wouldn't be considered 'uplifting'. They will likely be thought provoking, issue based, ideal for discussing and sharing. Ideally most will have some positive 'angle', however articles of import will be included as well when they relate to matters such as safety and security. You may well stumble upon the occasional interesting film, photography or silly tidbit. Please feel free to send any feedback, including coverage you would like to see- or that which you think ought not have been included. I hope this magazine can be used as a safe source to turn to to be able to have frank conversations with mature teens and adults, who may well need some guidance. It will strive to provide material to discuss. All feedback is welcome! (CONSTRUCTIVE PLEASE) 🌞